How do I know the thoughts of others

Body language

The language of the body is defined as a group of movements carried out involuntarily by individuals using hands, facial expressions, tone of voice, or eye movements, which, of course, deliver messages that are padded to the addressee and in a better expressive way than the tongue, but the addressee may err in their understanding as a result of insufficient awareness to understand the language of a For a silent body, we have dedicated an article about understanding others through several things we will talk about in the following paragraph.

How do I know the thoughts of others

Be aware that some of you are physically approaching, this is an indication of comfort and a desire to strengthen the relationship, and here it is important to note that the approaching area is different depending on the culture of society.

Note the movement of the head, tilting the head means empathy, tilting the head with a smile means joking, and lowering the head with the eyes of the eye means shyness and maybe respect in some cultures, and the level heads mean the challenge.

Observe the movement of the eyes, the eyes that look down mean shyness and hesitation, or resentment, or hide a passion, while staring to the ground means to think about unpleasant things, and the language of the eyes is very wide, the breadth of the pupil means attention and love perhaps, and focus consideration on a distant point means straying And to think deeply about a certain thing, but if the person wears glasses, pushing them towards the nose means the difference of opinion between you.

Look at the movement of the arms, the crossed arms means social influence, and either their position behind the neck or head means the spaciousness of the chest and open debate, closing the fist of the hand means anger, passing fingers of the hand between the strands of hair means not liking your thoughts, and disagreeing with you in what you say.

Body language warnings

Despite the validity and generality of the expressions of the body language, they remain between the possibility of right or wrong, and therefore should not be generalized to all persons, and to exaggerate their control and interpretation of their movements, there are other movements carried out by man and does not mean anything behind them, for example we mentioned above that passing finger means different Opinion, but it may be an involuntary movement by the person from time to time, and may be intended to scratch his scalp without drawing the attention of the addressee to what he does, as we mentioned above that the intersection of the arms means social influence, but the person may make this move to hide a spot on his shirt, for example.

Tips for understanding the ideas of others
Place yourself in the other end, and look at things from the perspective. Think of others, think of them as you like to think of you. Knowing the person, in general, helps to understand his or her natures and thoughts without having to monitor his or her body language.

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